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Artists Choice

Realistic Portrait Tattoo of Muhammad Ali

This is one of the most comprehensive tattoo courses ever designed by master artist Sunny Bhanushali. This course is full of his tried and tested techniques, they will be really useful in your tattoo process! Wondering how professional artists make photo-realistic tattoos/portrait tattoos look so easy?

Artists Choice
Artists Choice

Realistic Portrait of Marilyn Monroe - Advanced Course

Watch how Black & Grey Realism Expert, Allan Gois, walks you through the making of this Portrait Tattoo of Marilyn Monroe. From the perfect shading techniques to finishing your tattoo without skin damage, we'll look at how experts render customised portrait tattoos to get the best outputs.

Artists Choice
Artists Choice

Master Class: Steve Butcher

Learn Colour Realism from the legendary artist

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Our Happy Learners!

Vijaya Inks N Blush

It was a wonderful experience taking the webinar classes. I've learnt many things thanks to Sunny Bhanushali sir, he has lots of talent and experience. He was very detailed in his explanation. I will definitely attend every webinar class hereafter, it helps grow my skills. Before attending the classes, I was confused but now I feel confident that I can be more professional and skillful in my work. Thanks to Krutika for guiding me. Thank you Sunny Bhanushali sir for this valuable knowledge. ☺️😊

Harish Rao

It's been a wonderful experience and the way Mr. Sunny Bhanushali sir explains everything is superb. I got to learn a lot of Portrait Tattoo techniques thanks to sir who helped by answering everyone's questions...hats off to your talent...expecting many more webinars in the future and wanna join more sessions. 😍

Samit Chakraborty

I am really pleased with the online tattoo learning program by Sunny sir about placement and size, depth of field and others. It will help me in my realism tattoo art in my tattoo career. I love the programme and next I will attend all the learning programmes to learn more about Realism Tattoo art from the greatest teacher - Sunny sir. Thank you LILA!


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