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A learning platform just for you. An approach that aims to customize learning for each student's strengths, needs, skills, and interests.

Personalised dashboard
Unique tattoo styles
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Personalised dashboard
Unique tattoo styles
Personal Playlist
Personalised dashboard for focused learning

Courses based on your interests, favourite mentors, on one easy learning platform

Unique tattoo styles from around of the world

Learn unique styles created by incredible artists from across the world

Personal Playlist to help you organise

Create playlist to save all the courses you want to learn in a personal space and learn whenever, wherever yo want!


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LILA's way of teaching

We strongly believe observation is integral to honing art. Learn from artists who have created their niche in the world of tattooing with consistent practice, and become the master of your niche!

How does subscription works?

Learning need not be expensive. At LILA, our subscription model gives you the benefit to choose from any number of courses or individual classes, as you please.

All at nominal fees! So, learn away!

What’s LILA for you ?

Our mission is to Encourage, Empower and Embrace self-learning among all curious individuals who wish to learn, expand their potential and make a mark in the world.

Through our Radical team, we strive every day to make knowledge Affordable, Accessible for everyone regardless of who or where they are


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