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Embracing Self Learning

About Lila

Learn It Like Aliens is a brainchild of Sunny Bhanushali, the founder and CEO at LILA. His belief in serving people with knowledge led to the establishment of this comprehensive Online Learning Platform.

LILA, at present is in pursuit of bringing mentors from around the world to teach varied skills in the most simplest ways to everybody who wish to learn.

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"The thing I thought couldn’t be possible a year or two ago, is actually happening."
– Allan Gois, artist, student & Lila mentor

The 3E'S

Our mission is to Encourage, Empower and Embrace Self-Learning among all the curious individuals who wish to learn, expand their potential and make a mark in the world irrespective of the circumstances, if you have the desire, you will learn.

Our Mission

Future of self-learning

Through our Radical team, we strive everyday to make knowledge Affordable, Accessible for all the individuals who have limited or no access to the Real knowledge.

From the ones who seek to express their creativity to the ones who are yet to explore their creativity, we want to build the most comprehensive platform for learning in the world.

Our Vision

Way of teaching

We believe that real learning happens with consistency. With consistent observation, learning and practicing a particular skill repetitively makes you a Pro at it.

While you learn with us, you don’t just learn a skill, you grow! You grow into a better version of you! Our classes are divided into a couple of short 5-10 minute videos for you. This makes it easy for you learn at your own pace without losing the track missing out on anything.

With one hour of one class to learn one skill at a time, you learn it and become a Pro eventually.

Our Way of Teaching
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