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Record a Video
We'll record a Video

Our team of expert videographers will help you with shooting exemplary videos for a well-explained coursework

  • Assistance with staging & set preparation
  • Get help with sound & lighting
  • Execution of concept through to completion as per original brief
Edit a Video
We'll edit the Video

Our in-house editors will aid you with video editing to create the most spectacular videos for your coursework, to help you give your students the best learning experience

  • Give your tutorial the perfect flow with cuts, pace & sound to create the perfect output
  • Make the transitions smooth and elegant to avoid jumpy & fast-paced mess that no one wants to watch
  • Add voice overs and audio at the right junctions to ensure the tutorial is engaging for students
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Share it with the World

Share your wisdom. With LILA’s global reach, we assure that your content in your art of expertise will reach students beyond borders, helping them hone their skills through your knowledge

  • Create unique tutorials that make a difference to budding tattoo artists
  • Use the power of digital media to connect with artists all over the globe
  • Build a community of passionate artists and help each other grow

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There is no fee to be an instructor on LILA. Mentors are paid according to a revenue share model. When a student buys your course on our website, revenue is shared between you and LILA, according to our revenue share model.

Mentors can connect a PayPal account to their LILA account. You are paid based on the formula provided here:
Per Play Cost*($ xxx) x Channel Plays(xxx) = Mentor's Revenue($ xxx)
*Per Play Cost = (Revenue - Tax)/Total Number of Plays


You can teach a course in any language of your choosing.

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