How to do a Large Cover-up Tattoo

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How to do a Large Cover-up Tattoo - Class Preview

How to do a Large Cover-up Tattoo

Allan Gois
Allan Gois
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About this Class
Cover up tattoos are super complicated. They require an artist to visualise a design that will be able to overshadow the tattoo that needs to be covered.

The act of tattooing over a previous tattoo with a new and modified tattoo is called a tattoo cover-up. It is one of the two options of removing an unwanted tattoo; the other being laser removal. Most clients go for a cover-up tattoo because it is cheaper than tattoo removal.

A tattoo artist's biggest challenge is mastering the art of cover-up tattoos. It takes immense skill and creativity to come up with a design that's suitable for the cover-up as well as liked by the client.

In this tutorial, you will learn how to do a large cover-up tattoo from scratch.

Course Specification:


- What is a Cover-up Tattoo?

- How to Cover-up any tattoo like a Pro


Concept & Design

- Finding inspiration

- Digital Painting

- How to create a custom Cover-up design



- How to create a Photocopy Stencil

- How to create large Tattoo Stencils


Tattoo Process

- Difference between grey wash & neutral greys

- Placement Mock-up

- Tattoo Sizing as per the Old Tattoo

- Rendering Realistic Beard

- Rendering Snake Scales

- How to use Neutral Greys to cover up Old Tattoos


By the end of this class, you will have understood all that it takes to get tattoo cover-ups right. Have fun learning from one of the best artists when it comes to cover-up tattoos and let us know if you have any queries. 

Because if you don't already know, we've got you covered!

Allan Gois
Allan Gois

Allan Gois has been proving to be that one example who inspires youth because of his determination. Talking about Allan s specialization, this guy kills it in every style he adapts. Hyper-realistic ...

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Nikhil pawar

Nikhil pawar

132 weeks ago
very well... .it helps a lot..
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