Mastery to Advanced Photo Realism 2

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Mastery to Advanced Photo Realism 2 - Class Preview

Mastery to Advanced Photo Realism 2

Sunny Bhanushali
Sunny Bhanushali
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About this Class
Learn Photo Realism Techniques straight from the master - Sunny Bhanushali

In this second edition of the Mastery to Photo Realism Webinar, we dive deeper into the process of how pro tattoo artist Sunny Bhanushali goes about making life-like designs for his tattoos. Quite often skilled tattoo artists wonder why their tattoos don't look as good or at the same level as other pro tattoo artists out there. There's a reason for this, the placement and sizing make a huge difference to the overall aesthetic look of the tattoo. So just having good tattoo skills is not enough because if the tattoo is not planned well, it will not create the best end result. All this and more are discussed and explained at length by Sunny Bhanushali in this webinar. With the help of this webinar, you will become adept at planning and deciding what is best for your realistic tattoos in terms of sizing, placement, and making the tattoo design look as real as possible.


Here's exactly what you will be learning:


Placement & Sizing

- Building Foundation - Reviewing Average Tattoos

- Placement, Orientation, Size, and Wrap

- Design and Placement as per the body anatomy

- The importance of Wrap

- Importance of Right Size of the tattoo

- Importance of Orientation

- How to place a Round Face Portrait on Upper Arm

- How to place a Front Face Portrait

- Off Centre your placement like a pro

- How to Place the Portrait tattoo on the inner arm

- How to Place the Portrait tattoo on the outer forearm

- How to Place the Portrait tattoo on the inner Forearm


Eyes & Depth of Field

- The Science of Eye Contact

- Editing Eyes to Create Surreal Eye Contact

- Nudging Eyes to add Drama

- What is Depth Of Field

- Dept of Field Comparison

- Depth Of Field in Portraits

- World's Top Artists using Depth of Field


Hair & Beard

- Make a Hair & Beard Stencil in less than One Minute

- Understanding the Nature of the Beard Hair

- How to Render Beard

- How to Render Hair


The webinar got an overwhelming response and great reviews from all the participants. It is a recorded version of the 3-hour live webinar where Master Sunny Bhanushali has explained the above topics in detail, considering the participants' questions while providing his inputs throughout.

If you have any queries related to this topic, do get in touch with us and we can work through it together! :)

Sunny Bhanushali
Sunny Bhanushali

Globally renowned for his outstanding work on conceptual and hyper-realism tattoos, Sunny has pioneered photo-realistic tattoos in India and is one of the highest award-winning tattoo artists in Asia....

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Sai kumar Endurthi

Sai kumar Endurthi

147 weeks ago
Knowledge shared which is Straight to the point. Thankyou
Chanakya GC

Chanakya GC

120 weeks ago
Amazing content, please upload the remaining portion, it abruptly stopped at rendering hair. Also, upload Q&A
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