Realistic Portrait Tattoo of Muhammad Ali

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Realistic Portrait Tattoo of Muhammad Ali - Class Preview

Realistic Portrait Tattoo of Muhammad Ali

Sunny Bhanushali
Sunny Bhanushali
  • 32 Videos (3 hrs)
  • Premium Premium Class
About this Class
This is one of the most comprehensive tattoo courses ever designed by master artist Sunny Bhanushali. This course is full of his tried and tested techniques, they will be really useful in your tattoo process! Wondering how professional artists make photo-realistic tattoos/portrait tattoos look so easy?
The toughest tattoos are those that require an artist to create hyper-realistic tattoos that look as real as the picture itself. Hyper-realism tattoos are something that I have been making for over 10 years. Through my journey, Sunny Bhanushali has learned many tricks and it's time he shares them with all you budding artists out there.

If you have been looking for a tattoo tutorial where you can learn all the various techniques and skills and watch the master in action as many times as you want, this tattoo course is definitely for you! Watch as Sunny Bhanushali walks you through the entire process of a Double Exposure Style Portrait of the legendary Muhammad Ali.

Here is what this course has to offer you:

- All you need to know about Double Exposure Tattoos
- Key points to remember before working on such tattoos

- What Is A Double Exposure Tattoo?
- How To Find Inspiration For A Custom Design?
- Getting The Right Placement & Flow
- Getting Started With The Rough Sketch
- How To Create A Flawless Custom Design?

Tattoo Station Set-up
- Station Set-up
- Making your own Grey Wash Set

Tattoo Techniques
- Pendulum Technique
- Whip Technique
- Drag Technique
- Paintbrush Technique
- Circular Color Packing Technique (Spiral Technique)
- 3-Layer Rendering Technique
- Random 8s
Stencil Placement
- Placing Your Tattoo Stencil Like A Pro

Miniature Muhammad Ali
- Tattoo Process
- Color Packing

Muhammad Ali Portrait
- Rendering Jaw & Teeth
- How To Tattoo Nose & Cheeks
- How To Tattoo 3D Realistic Eyes That Look Alive
- Rendering The Forehead In A Realistic Portrait
- Creating Trash Style Colour Splash
- Tattooing Hair & Finishing The Tattoo

Final Thoughts
- Key Takeaways
- Tutorial Summary

These techniques, once mastered, will elevate your skill level from beginner to advance within a few months of practice.

If you have any questions, you can always write to me and my team at the end of the course. We will answer each query and solve all your doubts! Happy learning, folks!
Sunny Bhanushali
Sunny Bhanushali

Globally renowned for his outstanding work on conceptual and hyper-realism tattoos, Sunny has pioneered photo-realistic tattoos in India and is one of the highest award-winning tattoo artists in Asia....

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Sai kumar Endurthi

Sai kumar Endurthi

160 weeks ago
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