Sunny Bhanushali

Globally renowned for his outstanding work on conceptual and hyper-realism tattoos, Sunny has pioneered photo-realistic tattoos in India and is one of the highest award-winning tattoo artists in Asia. 

He holds an important place in the Indian tattoo industry because of his contribution for the same. His vision of helping budding artists grow and teach them Advance level tattoo art through simplified techniques in a very short Time has made him an idol for many. 

He has established a proper tattoo school dedicated just for art enthusiasts who want to learn tattooing. From people who have never practiced art before to the people who were in tattooing from years but couldn’t do advance tattoos, he has trained around 300 students in a year. 

Not only this, for the ones who can’t afford to take admissions in school and to those who have priorities and can’t manage to make it to the school physically, he has developed online channels to teach them advance tattoo techniques in the easiest ways possible

“He is our ultimate inspiration and motivation, our driving force towards success and the light that we can rely on.” Team Aliens

Sunny Bhanushali
Sunny Bhanushali

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