Devendra Palav

Devendra Palav is a digital wizard who excels in custom tattoo designs mainly geometric, script, and calligraphy designs. He has mad skills in digital art and thus, is a Senior Tattoo Designer and Lead Tattoo Artist at Aliens Tattoo India. He has won awards like best collaboration at the Goa Tattoo Festival and Best Realism (Runner-up) at Heartwork Tattoo Festival. 

He is the highest in demand among our clients who love blackwork and geometric tattoos because of his extensive portfolio in the same.

He is now one of the mentors at Aliens Tattoo School And Learn it Like Aliens. Being a mentor for more than 2 years, Devendra is one of the best teachers to learn the basics of designing and tattoo art. 

Devendra Palav
Devendra Palav

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