Jay Freestyle

Growing up Chinese in South Africa, and later moving to Amsterdam, made for plenty of inspiration for tattoo artist Jay Freestyle. Coming from a conservative family, in his teen years Jay decided to stray from the mentality of those in his family. His liberal and freethinking ways lead to his interest in body art.

Being self taught, his techniques and style are sometimes unconventional. All of his work are unprepared and literally "Freestyled" on the client, the day of tattooing. The spontaneity of his tattoo's are part of what makes them so unique. Neither Jay nor the client really know what's going to happen.

With plenty of tough life lessons coupled with worldly travels and influences from artists abroad, Jay's style continues to grow and evolve. Always eager to learn something new, he emerged as a well rounded tattooer. His specialty is large scale surreal/abstract tattoo’s that make use of the bodies natural curves and shapes as part of the design. Contradictory to his personality which is very quite and shy, his tattoo’s are bold, bright and in your face.

Never settling for anything but the best, Jay continues to develop and collaborate with other world renown artists to further hone his skills.

Jay Freestyle
Jay Freestyle

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