Mick Squires

Mick Squires is an insanely talented artist from the Black Mark Tattoo Studio, Melbourne. He is globally known for his mastery in tattoo art style of color-realism. 

Mick will be guiding you through a basic, yet detailed animal color tattoo. In this session, Mick will ink a monkey with deep contrasts and exquisite details. He will not only make the tattoo from scratch in front of you, but will also explain and give tips on how you can improve your tattooing techniques which will help you become a better artist. 

Simple yet effective is his style of art which is perfect for a tattoo artist to grow. You will be looking over Mick's shoulder while he beautifully makes a tattoo of a monkey. Although his webinar aims at beginners, his techniques can also be applied by professional artists for making other animal tattoos such as cats, dogs, lions or tigers. Mick explains every working step in detail and showcase everything he has learnt and acquired over several years as a globally renowned tattoo artist.

Mick Squires
Mick Squires

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